Name of School

Milingimbi School

Name of Ranger Group

Crocodile Island Rangers

What languages do you mainly speak in your community?

Djambarrpuyngu, Gupapuyngu, Yan-nhangu, Burrarra

How many people live in your community?

Approximately 1000

When did the Learning on Country Program start in your community?


What does the Learning on Country Program mean to your community?

The Learning on Country Program connects Yolngu Elders, Rangers, school teachers and students from the whole community.

Why is it important?

The LoC Program is significantly important because it provides the base for positive cultural and curriculum based learning opportunities.

What type of LoC activities happen at your community?

Cultural activities and curriculum based activities.

Bush medicines and foods, biodiversity surveys and WH&S to name a few.

Tell us about the Rangers supporting the LoC Program. What lessons are they teaching the students about your country?

The Rangers play a crucial role in supporting the development of students in the LoC Program. From cultural knowledge to environmental science based knowledge, students learn how to connect with the land whilst learning how to protect it from potential threats and invasive species.

What future training or work opportunities are available in your community for LoC students?

For students that show enthusiasm for work opportunities and have proved efficacy in comprehending tasks and having high attendance during their schooling time, then they are in a prime position to receive work experience or a job with Rangers.

What other LoC Partnerships are happening in your community?

LoC runs camps during the school term, during these camps community partnerships blossom, Miwatj, ALPA, RSAS, Rangers and the school all collectively contribute to the camps with each area of expertise.

What is something you are most proud of about LoC in your community?

The collective unison in ensuring the best quality education for our students.

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