Name of School

Alyarrmandumanja Umbakuma School

Name of Ranger Group

Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers

What languages do you mainly speak in your community?


How many people live in your community?

Approximately 581

When did the Learning on Country Program start in your community?


What does the Learning on Country Program mean to your community?

Learning on Country supports students to acknowledge, embrace and explore the deep Anindilyakwa cultural and spiritual connection with land, sea and sky.

What type of LoC activities happen at your community?

  • Learning about local language, history and skin groups.
  • Exploring local sites of historical and cultural significance with Elders and getting involved in traditional storytelling.
  • Experiencing the land through hunting expeditions, learning about and collecting bush medicine and preparing bush tucker.
  • Taking part in traditional art and dance workshops and performances.

Tell us about the Rangers supporting the LoC Program. What lessons are they teaching the students about your country?

Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers help students engage with their own culture and identity and build a deeper connection to the land.

Working with the Rangers makes classroom learning more relevant and practical and creates two world learning opportunities.

What future training or work opportunities are available in your community for LoC students?

On Groote Eylandt archipelago, Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers have expansion of funding which will create more jobs. Funding will allow the future rangers to provide immense protection of environmental, social, and cultural values, respect for cultural heritage and protection of environment of the unique archipelago long into the future.

What other LoC Partnerships are happening in your community?

Partnerships are key to Learning on Country Program success. Just some of these include;

  • Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers
  • Umbakumba Peacemakers
  • Anindilyakwa Arts
  • Anindilyakwa Language Centre
  • Anindilyakwa Broadcasting
  • Miliyakbarra School

What is something you are most proud of about LoC in your community?

Many Learning on Country activities engage local community members and organisations. This strengthens the Learning on Country role within Umbakumba community to be able to learn about local environment, customs, cultures and history while developing social, industry communication, numeracy, and literacy skills.

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