Name of School

Maningrida College

Name of Ranger Group

Bawinanga Rangers

What languages do you mainly speak in your community?

Ndjebbana, Kune, Kunwinjku, Nakkara, Gurrgoni, Djinang, Burrarra, Kunbarlang, Rembarrnga, Dalabon

How many people live in your community?


When did the Learning on Country Program start in your community?

July 2013

What does the Learning on Country Program mean to your community?

Traditional Owners support the LoC program and recognise its importance for two ways learning and future career paths and cultural preservation.

Why is it important?

For handing down cultural information to the next generation and for developing career pathways.

What type of LoC activities happen at your community?

Certificate I and II Conservation and Land Management course. Ranger internship program

ILM (Indigenous Land Management)– camp 20 credit SACE for MCEC senior students.

Day trips and camp support for the Maningrida College (MCEC) language and culture team.

Maritime coxswains grade 2 training and accreditation.

Tell us about the Rangers supporting the LoC Program. What lessons are they teaching the students about your country?

The Bawinanga Rangers are an integral part of the Maningrida LOC Program in which the Rangers work alongside the students to teach them about Ranger work and direct them into Ranger employment opportunities. The Rangers provide support in both land and sea operations.

What future training or work opportunities are available in your community for LoC students?

The Maningrida LoC Program has the ranger internship program with Bawinanga rangers, which means that when students complete the Cert II CLM and graduate year 12, they are offered a 6-12 month internship that can progress to full time employment.

What other LoC Partnerships are happening in your community?

Maningrida LoC Program has a partnership with CSIRO and NAILSMA – with research projects pertaining to the Cert II CLM qualifications.

What is something you are most proud of about LoC in your community?

The happiness it brings families and students, and the Ranger career pathways it provides.

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