Name of School

Ngukurr Community Education Centre

Name of Ranger Group

Yugul Mangi Land and Sea Rangers

What languages do you mainly speak in your community?


How many people live in your community?

Approximately 1200

When did the Learning on Country Program start in your community?

August 2019

What does the Learning on Country Program mean to your community?

Our LoC Program gives the children the opportunity to walk and learn about the land their ancestors once walked upon. Moieties, Skin groups, Dreaming and Ceremony are the core of who and what people are, and the Program allows Elders to teach this and encourage kids in the school space.

Why is it important?

This strengthens identity, confidence and independence.

What type of LoC activities happen at your community?

On-country trips are based around country and ownership but include activities such as collecting bush medicine and tucker, hunting, traditional cooking, visiting historical sites and art and making traditional objects.

Tell us about the Rangers supporting the LoC Program. What lessons are they teaching the students about your country?

Students undertake work experience with the Rangers and learn about cultural burning, feral animal and weed management, and boat and land patrols. The Rangers plan their work around the Yugul Mangi Faiya en Sisen Kelenda, so students learn when, what and why cultural practises (ceremony, hunting, burning and gathering) change throughout the year.

What future training or work opportunities are available in your community for LoC students?

The Program works with the Rangers, Language Centre and the Art Centre so students have the opportunity to spend time in community led organisations that may provide future work. Senior students are also studying a Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management as a possible pathway into employment with the Rangers.

What other LoC Partnerships are happening in your community?

The LoC Program works closely with the Rangers, Ngukurr Language Centre and the Art Centre.

What is something you are most proud of about LoC in your community?

Getting children out onto their country and helping the school to develop and implement a meaningful two-way learning program.

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